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WGSAC News for 1/15: Last Doll Workshop and Pre-Registration Ends Saturday!

Registration for classes begins next Tuesday! This means that Saturday 1/19  is the last day to Pre-Register for classes. Pre-Registration is mandatory! You may only complete an application for yourself or your child for classes if you have signed up on the Pre-Registration List in advance, so call or stop by before it is too late. 

If you’ve signed up on the  Pre-Registration List, make sure to come to the Center in person to begin next Tuesday 1/22 for Registration Day.  Places in the program are first-come, first-serve and spots are very limited. The Center will open at 12 Noon on Registration Day to fill out applications. Applications will only be accepted in person.

More info on our 2013 Winter Music and Art Workshops, including a class schedule, is HERE!

This coming weekend is also the last full weekend to see the 32nd Annual Doll Show, as the show closes on Saturday, January 26.

So, come visit the show if you’ve not already, and also take part in the last of the three doll workshops, taught this week by show curator and artist Cheryl Williams. This last workshop is a “kitchen sink” workshop. Unlike other the 2 workshops, which included detailed instructions, you will have a chance to make a variety of types of dolls at your own pace. This is ideal for past workshop participants and others who have made dolls before. Supplies for making various types of dolls, including bottle dolls, tube dolls,  stick dolls, glove dolls, wrap dolls and more will be brought in.  You can also bring materials in and we’ll give it a shot in the 2 hours we have together. The class is from 1-3pm, and there is a materials fee of $10 for the workshop.

The workshop room is now full of beautiful dolls on display created in the previous 2 workshops. If you’ve participated in a workshop,  be sure to come in and pick up your doll on the last day of the exhibition.  Here’s a photo of our longtime staff member Shag Hunter with some of the great dolls people have made in the workshops that are currently on exhibit in the show.

Doll Board_AdjustmentJPG

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4