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33rd Annual Black Doll Show Opens on December 14 – Call for Dolls! Submit Your Dolls By November 20

11The William Grant Still Arts Center is in the process of selection for its 33rd Annual Black Doll Show with this year’s theme, “DOLLS GONE WILD”. The annual Black Doll Show will open on Saturday, December 14.

We are seeking dolls that reflect the “wild”, be it wilderness, ocean, bird life, but in particular, animal print in design, concept or accent. Store bought collectible dolls are welcomed, however,  priority will be given to doll artists who create handmade dolls. There is no restriction on the number of submissions. The curators will determine which dolls best fit the theme based on the ecological balance of our jungle, air, or sea.  Since this is a curated exhibit, the submission process does not guarantee participation in the show.

This year’s “DOLLS GONE WILD”  theme for the Black Doll Show was chosen by curators Cheryl Williams and Dale Madison. Our curators will be turning the gallery into a rainforest-like setting,  reflecting the diversity and whimsical feeling of animal prints. Showcased on Black dolls past and present, animals and figurines, abstract and literal, step into a jungle of dolls, but be careful you don’t get “Eaten Alive!”

Submit your Black doll photos and concepts to curators Dale Guy Madison and Cheryl Williams via email at or call the Center at 323/734-1165.

The deadline to submit is Wednesday, November 20 so don’t delay!


Key Dates

Submission Deadline – Wednesday, November 20

Final Doll Selection –  November 25-30

Doll Installation- Begins December 5

Dolls will be exhibited through February 8, 2014.