A Woman's Place... / Classes and Workshops / September 2017

Saturday 10/07/2017 #SNATCHPOWER “Fight In Heels”screening with performances by F.U.P.U and JADUHMAY

2 PM – 6 PM
Saturday, Ocotber 7th
2520 South West View Street
Los Angeles CA 90016


Fight In Heels
Directed by The Uhuruverse

“Snatch” The only ones who heard the call were the ones it was meant for…this sci-fi tale focuses on the newest hearer of the call as she meets the Snatches: a bold group of afro-futuristic women hellbent on freeing women from the shackles of trendy fashion and teaching them to FIGHT IN HEELS. When The Lovechild followed The One That Doesn’t Smile and The Poetess from the crowded city streets to a private lair, she had no idea she’d be possessed by THE SNATCH.

Official Trailer 

Afro Punk band from South Central, LA

Vocal/Guitar-Uhuru Moor
Vocal-Jasmine Nyende
Drums-Tianna Nicole

Dancing  a tribute to the womxn fighting for liberation

#SNATCHPOWER is a post-apocalyptic, Afro-futuristic, women’s liberationist artist collective of humans who are deliberate and fearless. They are diverse in how they define themselves in terms of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and religion, but united in their commitment to self-definition, self-expression, self-governance, and non-hierarchical collaboration. They endeavor to subvert the hegemonic mainstream through radical (feminist, Afro-futuristic, queer) artistic expression. In coming together to harness the transformative power of this creative energy, They can and will #SNATCHPOWER from those who try to oppress theirs.

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