A Woman's Place... / Community Health and Wellness / Fall Exhibitions / November 2017

We Are Who We Are Waiting For – workshop with Ericka Huggins


Saturday November 4, 2017
@William Grant Still Arts Center
2520 S West View St
Los Angeles, CA 90016

We are who we are waiting for! We have the compassion to provide community based support for people living in conditions of poverty and despair.
We are the ones who can make an effort to educate our children, our youth. Together we have the skill and experience to begin healing the wounds of history.
It is our love that can transform fear. Fear that appears as the fire of societal hatred, and the virus of self hatred. Like Sojourner and Harriet, Angela and Yuri, Johnnie and Ella, Betita and Dolores, Jewel and Lynee, Alicia, Patrice and Opal-All of us are ordinary women, and men, who can step forward to do extraordinary work to uplift our world. We don’t need to wait. We are here. – Ericka Huggins

We strongly encourage Women of Color, but all are welcome. Register with Sofia Gabaldon at 323-734-1165 or email sofia.gabaldon@lacity.org with email and phone number. Please register only for yourself, but we thank you if you share the information with your contacts so they can call or email to register. If confirmed, please present your name at entry. Registration is free.

Ericka Huggins is an educator, Black Panther Party member, former political prisoner, ally and poet. For 35 years, Ericka has lectured in the United States, and internationally about the role of spiritual practice in creating and sustaining social change. In 2016, in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party, Ericka speaks about the importance of inclusive grassroots movements. From 2011 through 2015 Ericka was professor of Sociology and African American Studies in the Peralta Community College District. At Merritt College, home of the Black Panther Party, she co-created and taught a course, “The Black Panther Party-Strategies for Organizing The People”.

In conjunction with “A Woman’s Place…” exhibition at the William Grant Still Arts Center, a facility of the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.