Friends of William Grant Still Arts Center

“Together we rise, or not at all.” – Dr. William Grant Still

The Friends of a William Grant Still Arts Center is a 501(c)3 support organization for the programs at the William Grant Still Arts Center. The goal of the organization is to preserve the legacy of Dr. William Grant Still, one of the first African-American composers and one of the most accomplished, through maintaining music and arts programs at the Center.

The organization facilitates an environment of creative expression for positive outcomes for students of all ages, from 1-100. The Friends help the Center carry out education programs to nurture the creative spirit, and make music composition and arts accessible to all in our community.

The Friends have had the privilege of working with some extraordinary members of our community, who display talent and leadership through performances and exhibitions facilitated by the center. This helps combat negative images of our neighborhood and builds communal esteem through modeling.

One of the biggest strengths at the William Grant Still Arts Center is the hope that the arts will carve a path to improve the quality of life and preserve our histories.

Dr. William Grant Still faced many challenges, but persevered through his commitment to the arts and to his culture. Dr. Still helped pave a way for people from under-served communities to have opportunities to create and canonize. The Friends are committed to this spirit and optimism.