Danielle – Arts & Crafts

I am a Los Angeles based artist, writer, and art practitioner. I have held positions in arts organizations, including museums, community art centers, and artist studios. A former MOCA Apprentice, Getty Multicultural Intern, and arts associate at the LA Department of Cultural Affairs, I’ve worked and developed my praxis in spaces across Los Angeles. My interdisciplinary skill set centers arts accessibility, community based healing and learning, and organizing strategies with the goal of providing resources and services to targeted communities. I believe that a conscious art, cultural, and social practice should serve as an ethical and intermediary force between recorded and alternative histories, the communities that these histories affect, and the world-building futurism of a creative vision.

Making a Mask (Class 1)

Learn about masks in performance and ritual both in history and contemporary uses by Yoruban Nigerian artists. Then make a mask with WGSAC artist, Danielle Galvan Gomez with an easy at home technique.

Camera Obscura (Class 2)

Interested in making your own camera? This easy to follow lesson by William Grant Still Arts Center artist, Danielle Galvan Gomez shows some of the science behind the “pinhole” camera, and how to make one with simple household items.

Make Your Own Drawing Tools (Class 3)

Create textures from rubbings and make your own drawing tools at home. This week, Danielle helps you transform common objects around your home into art tools. Fun, easy, cheap and hits on artistic standards. Concepts explored: mark making, texture, observational skills.

Make Your Own Paint

Learn to make safe dyes and paints with simple natural items. Danielle will talk about artists and the Basic Elements of Art while walking you through simple techniques to paint and dye with your own ink and paint.

Making Paper

William Grant Still Arts Center artist, Danielle Gomez shows us ways to make our own paper with simple safe items available at home.

Book Binding

In the last two videos, William Grant Still Arts Center Artist, Danielle Gomez demonstrated how to make paper and how to make ink/paint and dye. In this video, follow along to learn how to bind your own book with loose paper.


In this video, William Grant Still teaching artist, Danielle Gomez teaches how to make a photographic print on paper or cloth using the sun. This process called Cyanotype may need the purchase of a few materials, but a great project to do, especially during the warm seasons.


William Grant Still Arts Center teaching artist, Danielle Gomez, walks you through simple mono-printing techniques that you can do at home. Small children may need some guidance, but the class is good for the printing curious of all ages.

Image Transfer

Want to learn how to do a simple at home printmaking technique? Follow along with William Grant Still Art Center’s Danielle Gomez as she explains and demonstrates transferring images onto other surfaces.