Kevin – Keyboard

Kevin Goode is a multi-faceted, California based musician/pianist and composer. He has composed music for the ABC Network, independent films, commercials, theatre, documentaries, and more.

Intro to Keyboard (Class 1)

Join William Grant Still Arts Center’s teaching artist, Kevin Goode, as he introduces the first steps of beginning on a keyboard or piano.

Keyboard (Class 2)

In Keyboard, Lesson 2, Kevin teaches us to start playing with posture, hand placement and scales. Simple and easily explained, we hope you join in.

Keyboard (Class 3)

In Lesson 3, Kevin teaches us how to play the Piano, using both hands. He also teaches us about notes in a song through half and quarter notes

Keyboard (Class 4)

This week, William Grant Still Arts Center artist, Kevin Goode focuses on melody and harmony, using both hands on the keyboard and as a continuation of his previous lessons.

Keyboard (Class 5)

William Grant Still Teaching Artist, Kevin Goode follows up on lesson 4 on Harmony and Melody. This week, helps follow along the harmony in Willie Bobo’s song “Fried Neck Bone and Some Home Fries” as part of our 12th Annual African American Composers’ Series spotlight.

Keyboard (Class 6)

In this lesson, William Grant Still Arts Center, teaching artist, Kevin Goode guides you to listen and play harmony and Melody by ear.

Keyboard (Class 7)

In this lesson, William Grant Still Arts Center teaching artist, Kevin Goode expands on playing by ear. He will teach finger placements and start on scales with special focus on C scale, the G scale and the circle of fifths to play songs.

Keyboard (Class 8)

Follow along with William Grant Still Arts Center teaching artist Kevin Goode as he uses Willie Bobo’s “Evil Ways” to continue the lesson on “Scales and Songs” through learning by ear.