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Don’t Miss! Dolls of Hope Doll Making Workshop on Saturday December 19

Family Doll-Making Workshops 

Dolls of Hope Dollmaking Workshop
Saturday, December 19, 2:00-4:00 pm
IMG_0690Make a doll to give to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS at two Dolls of Hope doll-making workshops led by Dr. Davis on Saturday, December 19 and Saturday, January 23.  These workshops are appropriate for all ages.The Dolls of Hope Project was founded by Dr. Davis in 1998 as part of World AIDS Day activities. It has distributed over 6,000 handmade cloth dolls to AIDS orphans, women, and youth affected by AIDS throughout the world as well as nationally, including multiple trips to Haiti and South Africa. By lending a hand and your time, you can be a part of this nearly 20 year effort to support and unify community through doll-making.